Q: How will I be billed for my lawn care services? 

A: An E-invoice will be sent to you after the visit with payment options: Credit Card, Check, Cash, Bank Transfer, etc.  Paper Payments will be made to The Austin Lawn Service at 9600 Escarpment Blvd Suite 745 #102, Austin, Texas 78749.  Term: 7 days.

Q: Do you come on the same day each week?

A: Sometimes it rains in the morning and we still work in the afternoon, however if it rains all day we will make every attempt to come the next workable day. 


Q: What is included in the basic lawn service?

A: Mow, Trim*, Edge and Blow your entire yard. Front, Side and Back.   *Heavy trimming that requires raking/bags will be extra.


Q: What if I have a lock on my gate? 

A:  If you have locked gates, we need to make prior arrangements.